Some Short n Sweet Updates

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Some Short n Sweet Updates

November 18, 2023

suma welcomes your accommodation requests

editor's note

suma friends, we are staying busy here at suma HQ with our launch of our Holiday Meal Special (hence the day-late newsletter). We had quite the exciting start yesterday and as a team are feeling good, we're ready to share some of the excitement with ya'll! We have some quick updates about on the wrap up of the Farmers Market season, our website glow-up, app additions and also our first volunteer opportunity! Thanks for tuning in, we appreciate ya'll.


suma milestones

  • Turkey Hacking: suma is excited to announce the 2023 relaunch of the suma app’s Holiday Special (a project known internally as “turkey hacking”). From November 17, suma users are able to purchase a prepared family meal via the app. Each meal feeds 4-6 people and has a $195 retail value, but suma app users pay just $10. Shouts to Portland’s own Sheridan’s Market for a generous discount and to suma’s funders for also bringing their resources to the project.

  • Farmers Market: Just a few St. Johns and King market days to go as of this newsletter, and we’re very glad to report some deep and impactful community benefits together with our St. Johns and King market partners.
    From July 15 to October 30, suma app users:
    -made 295 orders through the suma app
    -loaded $2878 in their app wallets
    -redeemed $7744 in suma’s farmers market vouchers
    -That’s Right - users loaded $2878 to access $7744 in
    farmers market products via the suma app

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Suma is recruiting volunteers to help us at our Holiday Special meal delivery locations on December 22! The locations will be at Home Forward in N Portland, Hacienda CDC in NE Portland, Our Just Future in SE Portland. Please email us if you’d like to volunteer!

community catch-up

  • New Suma Website: Take a minute to visit the new and improved suma website, where you’ll see a more dynamic interaction between our site and the suma app: photos from app events, links to join the app, information about current and past app offerings, downloadable flyers and more. We’ve also made it easier for you to explore suma’s digital organizing and digital justice programs and to contact us.
    Shouts to Literal Humans for partnering with us on this upgrade!

suma app updates

  • Add-ons for 2023 Holiday Special: This year, suma will be offering app users 4 fulfillment options when they place their Holiday Special meal order. At checkout, a user can choose to pick up their meal at Sheridan’s Market on December 22-23, or can choose among 3 convenient community locations for December 22 delivery: Home Forward’s New Columbia community in N Portland; Hacienda CDC’s office building in NE Portland; Our Just Future’s Arbor Glen community in SE Portland.

    We’re super grateful to these partners for making these delivery options available to suma app users!


suma is nonprofit based in Portland, OR (USA), we create platforms for digital organizing, enterprise and justice.

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