suma staying sedulous

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suma staying sedulous

February 8, 2024

suma welcomes your accommodation requests

editor's note

Hi suma friends,

We have some short updates for ya’ll today. We are staying busy and really honing in on our PCEF applications, with the deadline coming up soon. Our website is slowly, but surely getting some updates and we’re excited about the newest edition. The suma team is feeling very appreciative of our fellow community organizations for the support and the work that they do. We are also in the process of gathering some user data to make sure we’re meeting the needs of our frontline communities.

Thanks for being here and keeping up with us,


suma milestones

Portland Clean Energy Fund:

The suma team has been hard at work on our Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) applications. Budgets, narratives, partner coordination, and multi-year planning have been quite the tasks for our small team! But the outpouring of partner support speaks volumes to the faith folks have in how the suma app has and can support partner communities by providing low-cost, secure access to essential goods and services, including clean mobility, regenerative agriculture and clean energy options.

This week we’ve added new app explainer videos to our website! At the top of the site you will now see two Literal Humans-produced videos, one in Spanish and one in English, highlighting the purpose of our app. Big thank you to O’Nesha Cochran and Bella Nava Mata for doing the voice overs to the video, ya’ll did a great job portraying the message!

community catch-up

Free Geek:

Suma attended the FreeGeek’s first Coalition of Digital Equity Meeting of the New Year.

Free Geek is a Portland non-profit that started in 2000 as an event for folks to discard their electronics to be repurposed or recycled. Over time they began to expand their mission to help bridge the digital divide and to center frontline leadership in their organization and programming.

We’re excited for future collaborations with organizations working on digital equity and to see what opportunities and solutions this community led coalition ends up producing.

suma app updates


The suma team sent out our bilingual holiday special survey last week and within the first 24 hours received 40 responses! Ya’ll know the survey fatigue is real out there, even with incentives. We hope this means we’re doing something right to get so much participation in a 10 minute survey- the team is stoked! The survey is still open until this Friday 2/9, but we’re excited to share some findings with you all in the following newsletter!


suma is nonprofit based in Portland, OR (USA), we create platforms for digital organizing, enterprise and justice.

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