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suma welcomes your accommodation requests

suma friends, just a brief early fall update about the suma app’s summer hacking project. Some might say it's inaccurately named now, but we prefer to look at it as an unintended cue/another step toward our goal of offering year-round affordable food, transportation and utility options to suma app users.

a picture of an English flyer promoting suma to SNAP beneficiaries, including inserts of blue suma vouchers and the suma logog
a picture of a Spanish flyer promoting suma to SNAP beneficiaries, including inserts of orange suma vouchers and the suma logo

Friendly reminder of how it works: first-time buyers load $5 in their suma wallet and receive $24 in suma vouchers for use at the market, and returning buyers are matched 1:1 up to $30 in suma vouchers per market visit.

We’re excited to share the latest numbers:

  • 120 users have purchased farmers market vouchers via the suma app
  • 40 of these users have returned a second, third or fourth time, or more…
  • Users have loaded $1519 in their suma wallets
  • For that $1519, users have redeemed $4694 in farmers market vouchers

We can’t tell you how great it is to see these community members going home with fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs and other farmers market goodness … often a lot more than they thought they’d be able to afford when they showed up that market day.

And there’s more good news: it’s not just the users who are having a great time; the farmers are seeing big sales from this increased community buying power – last Saturday alone, our users redeemed $400 in suma vouchers at St. Johns Farmer Market.

Who’s participating? Hacienda CDC residents, Home Forward’s New Columbia community, riders from Community Cycling Center’s Andando en Bicicleta en Cully, Verde community members, SNAP beneficiaries, WIC users.

We want to continue stocking those refrigerators and pantries until the end of market season (last day for St. Johns: October 28; last day for King: November 19), so please connect with us if you know of or are part of a partner community that could benefit from our summer special.

suma welcomes your accommodation requests


suma is nonprofit based in Portland, OR (USA), we create platforms for digital organizing, enterprise and justice.

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